Welcome to the WSO2 Open Banking CDS Toolkit Documentation!

Open Banking CDS Toolkit delivers end-to-end compliance for Australia’s Consumer Data Standard. It increases the speed and reduces the complexity of adopting Consumer Data Right (CDR) compliance for banks. Instead of building an open banking solution from scratch, you can simply deploy WSO2 Open Banking CDS Toolkit to meet all legislative requirements with additional benefits beyond compliance.

The toolkit runs on top of WSO2 Identity Server, WSO2 API Manager, and WSO2 Streaming Integrator. Get a head start with our Quick Start Guide or dive straight into the documentation to understand what we offer.


Quick Start Guide

Set up and try out in your local environment


Consent Management

Create, view, revoke, and manage consents


Dynamic Client Registration

A thorough verification before onboarding


Secured API Invocation

Comprehensive support of Financial-grade API (FAPI) compliance


Analytics and Data Publishing

Publish and summarize data for reporting


Easily Pluggable

Easy integration with core banking systems